Statistical Consulting

    Study Design and Statistical Second Opinion
  • At Pentara Corporation, our statisticians are world leaders in innovative study design and analysis, ensuring that effective treatments succeed sooner and ineffective ones fail faster. We use all available data to determine the right outcomes, sample size, modeling, adaptations, corrections, inference, and overall strategy for your study, helping you make informed decisions. We also maintain access to the best databases of historical data across diseases, which are integrated into a single database for your convenience. Our intimate knowledge of clinical trials in progressive disease allows us to conduct more focused literature reviews, enabling better study design.
  • Additionally, we offer an independent statistical analysis to confirm the results of prior analyses, including replicating prespecified analyses and completing novel post-hoc analyses as needed. Our quick turnaround time and independent confirmation provide companies with trusted statistical analyses for strategic decision-making. We can also provide investors with an independent analysis of potential investments to ensure that they have an accurate understanding of the data.
  • Pentara Corporation has the advantage of a statistical voice throughout the clinical trial process. Unlike other companies that compartmentalize their work, Pentara's integrated processes from data management through report finalization incorporate a statistical perspective, ensuring that the choices made when building an EDC have a downstream effect that aligns with the eventual statistical analysis of the data. This protects the power of the study throughout the conduct of the study. Additionally, Pentara offers medical coding using MedDRA and WHO Drug dictionaries and can provide a faster turnaround than most companies.