Pentara FAQ

Q: How did Pentara get it's name?

A: Before Pentara existed in its current state, In April 2001, a group consisting of Bruce Brown, Tyson Phalp, Kent Hendrix created a business to do 360 degree feedback for managers, and providing improvement plans for those managers in areas needing improvement. We sat around in a room trying to decide what to call our side-gig company. We thought we should name it something that didn't have any inherent meaning, but was memorable, like Xerox. Kent said, "How about Pentara?" Everyone liked it. They wanted to know where it came from. As kids, Kent and his friend Todd had named their bicycles. Kent's bike's name was Warp Speed, being a Star Trek nerd. Todd's bike's name was Pentara. And there you have it, we named it after Kent's friend's bike.

As the side-gig company waned and mostly went away, Bruce and Tyson exited Pentara, and Kent mothballed the legal entity of Pentara. In 2008 Suzanne Hendrix exited Myriad Pharmaceuticals to go into Statistical Consulting in Alzheimer's Disease. We took the legal entity of Pentara out of mothballs, and with Suzanne's leadership Pentara has become an industry leader and innovator in degenerative diseases.